Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated education experts and professors who are deeply involved in local community development; parents who are patient and caring; and recent university graduates with strong academic achievements and outstanding leadership experience in the community.


Adele Wang

Education expert

Adele graduated from Beijing University with a degree in French Literature. She has considerable experience in various industries. She worked as the chief executive for a Netherlands company based in China. After immigrating to Canada, Adele worked in the legal department for a local company. With a strong passion for education, she now actively mentors students in all areas of their academic studies.


Angela Fan

Education expert

Angela has an impressive background in education. She was a professor in the Department of Life Sciences and Technology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Angela later served as the principal of a bilingual Shanghai International Elementary and High School. She completed the executive MBA (EMBA) program at Harvard University. Angela believes in the importance of holistic education and developed a comprehensive course that focuses on the integrated development of every child’s intellectual, emotional, creative, and social capabilities.


Jeon Se Young

Education expert

Following her graduation from the government relations program at the prestigious Elmhurst College in the United States, Jeon Se worked at the US Embassy in Vancouver. During her college years, she was a student health coach at Elmhurst, providing guidance and advice to numerous students.


Ernest Wong

Education expert

Ernest graduated with a Masters Degree in English from the University of British Columbia. He once worked at the Sauder School of Business’s office assisting with business student’s graduation and job applications. With this, he has many years of experience in undergraduate and graduate students’ application work.


Sally Chen

Education expert

Sally graduated from Brown University with a Computer Science degree. She was also actively involved in laboratory research at UBC, and has over 3+ years experience in assisting students with the high school to university transition.


Chen Mo Mei Professor

Senior Advisory

Professor Mo Mei Chen is a UC Berkeley Phytopathology professor. She specializes in researching and classifying fungi types through phytopathology, edible and medicinal mushroom types, with research results showing success in cultivation. With her experience and knowledge, she is proud to contribute her efforts towards growing and developing the next generation of Chinese talents.

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